Toastmaster a history in brief.

Familiarity with your venue.

Before your event

Once I have compiled a preliminary itinerary and script from our initial meeting and your completed questionnaire for your event, we will have a detailed meeting to discuss fully, exactly how you want your event to run on the day, incorporating, liaising with your caterers & event manager.

At your event

Organising, coordinating and liaising with your event staff. Greeting, guiding and directing your guests. Managing unexpected issues. I will make all formal introductions, announcements and conduct all ceremonies within your event.


I have an unwavering philosophy of caring for my clients. I respect and preserve a bespoke and customised service to you.

Incorporating a high standard of service.

Greeting in a formal & friendly manner.

My services.

My philosophy.

I believe and understand all ceremonies are important. I have a wealth of knowledge and training. Traditional formality is wonderful but it is only a guide to making your event and ceremony special.

The Guild of International Professional Toastmasters was established over thirty years ago for the improvement of Toastmasters and to ensure that a high class national examining body existed.

Toastmasters are appointed for many occasions including Weddings, Masonic Ladies Festivals, Civic Receptions, Dinners, Corporate Events, Burns Night Suppers, Product Launches and Topping Out Ceremonies.

Many of our members have officiated at palaces and stately homes as well as some of the worlds best hotels. However our members are equally at home working in smaller function rooms and marquees.

Modern History

The modern Toastmaster dates back to Victorian times. The role that would have been performed by the Butler, helped free him for his other duties. The first Toastmaster recorded to have worn the red tailcoat was William Knight Smith in 1894. His employer requested that he should wear something to distinguish him from everyone else, after finding it difficult to locate him at an event. He chose a huntsman's red tailcoat. The colour is known as hunting pink after the tailors who produced the tailcoats 'Thomas Pinks'.

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Toastmaster & Master of Ceremonies 

Toastmasters date back to the times of the Roman Empire. Beer was consumed widely, but for the elite, wine was used, especially for banquets and celebrations. The word for toasting comes from the  toasted crouton placed in the goblets of wine. The wine was unrefined or unfiltered in those days and the toasted croutons would act as a filter attracting any unwanted particles from the fermentation process.

Guild of International Professional Toastmasters.

Toastmaster working with you for your special day.

Guild Members.

   Liaising with staff.

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